The storage and production factory is situated in 30,000 square meters and is equipped with modern machinery for all production phases that guarantee the health of both the workers and the customers.

After the nuts have been harvested, with the use of specialized machines, the hazelnuts are stored in suitable, well-aired places with a maximum humidity of 6%. We have a storage capacity of 60,000 tons and we are able to dry around 2500 tons of nuts per cycle even in the wet season.
The primary processing stage is the shelling. After the shelling, a part of the nuts are transferred to a processing department. They are heated to 170 degrees centigrade to obtain toasted hazelnuts, and then chopped hazelnut and hazelnuts paste.
The hazelnuts are vacuum packed and the hazelnut paste is stored in small or large containers and tanks. They are then divided by size, selected and then packed in different bags which are then commercialized.