Hazelnuts and cooking

Hazelnuts are appreciated as a natural snack and are used to prepare sauces, sweets and creams..

The combination of hazelnuts and chocolate is used to prepare lots of sweets and tasty creams to spread on bread or to enjoy by the spoonfull (excellent to keep depression away) or in chocolate bars and christmas nougat.

By chopping hazelnuts you get the famous hazelnut grains, that are delicious and versatile way to enrich and decorate ice creams, sweets and cakes. They can be uesed to prepare a hazelnut version of marzipane.

Hazelnut grains are not only suitable for dessert but they can also be used with creativitly in savoury dishes.

First courses

Clean the chards then remove the hard parts, wash them , then chop them. Skin the sausage and break half of it in small pieces, leave the other part intact. Chop the onions and hazelnuts into chunks. Heat the oil in a casserole and fry the onion, add the sausage and brown it for five minutes.

Aggiungete il riso e fatelo tostare per 3 minuti, aggiungete il vino e fatelo evaporare, mescolate e aggiungete le Add the rice and brown it for 3 minutes, add the wine and let it evaporate. Add the chards and the broth gradually stiring all the time. Cook the rice for about 14 minutes. Salt to taste. Cut the remaining part of the sausage into slices.

Put the sausage slices in four dishes and cover them with the risotto and sprinkle the chopped hazelnuts over it.

Put the nuts, half the tuna, the majoran, the parsley ,the lemon peel, the oil ,salt and pepper in a bleder .

Blend until creamy.

Cook the spaghetti and add the sauce , the remaining chopped tuna, stir well and serve.

Slice the grapes into halves and remove seeds. Toast the hazelnuts in a dry pan or in oven at 200 °C till you smell the perfume.

Peel the onion, slice it. Sautè in some butter for around 8 minutes until browned. stear often so that it won't fry.

Add the rice and continue to saute for one minute. Turn up the heat and add a little boiling broth. Add the remaining broth, little by little until the rice is cooked .Take off the heat, add the grapes and hazelnuts stir well and serve.

I secondi

Cut the turkey breast by making a deep pocket, put inside stuff with some chopped herbs and tie it with a string. Brown the turkey in a saucepan with oil and add the chopped hazelnuts, the warm milk, the juniper berries, bay leaves, salt and pepper. Put cover with a lid and simmer for 50 minutes. .

Take the meat from the pan and put it on aluminium foil, roll it and keep it warm. Sift the flour into the juice and thicken with a whisk or with a fork.

Cut the meat into slices and garnish with the hazelnut sauce.

Sautè the onion and add sage and rosmary, brown the pork loin well and deglaze with white wine.

Add hot milk and cook Leave the meat to cool and add the potato starch to the sauce. Thicken it slightly and add the hazelnuts.

Once the meat has been sliced, put it in the pan again and warm it with the sauce. Serve it very hot.

Make tiny cuts around the edges of the veal cutlets in order to avoid them curling while cooking. Chop 20 gr hazelnuts and put them in a bowl. Then finely chop the remaining nuts and put them on a plate. Mix with four tablespoons of flour and coat the veal scallops.

Melt the butter in a nonstick pan and cook the scallops for 2 minutes on each side, deglaze with some brandy. Season the scallops and put then on aplate.

Add the thinly sliced shallot and the drained anchovy fillets to the pan and sautè at a low heat. Add the of broth and cook gently until the sauce is thick and smooth. Add the scallops, tarragon leaves and leave them to flavour for a few minutes. Add the chopped hazelnuts and serve them warm.

Clean the chicken, cut into four pieces, season with salt pepper and flour. Brown in 25 g of butter and add a little broth. Cook for 45 minutes and keep them hot.

Meanwhile, toast the hazelnuts in the oven, grind them finely and knead into the remaining butter. R heat the sauce from the chicken and let it reduce, stir in the hazelnut butter and cream. Leti t boil for a few minutes on low heat. Sieve the sauce and serve over the chicken. Garnish with a few whole hazelnuts and serve.